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Veronica enters the house Day 8 (Nov 2nd 2009) Veronica is eliminated Day 120 (Feb 22nd 2010)
Veronica kept in lock down until (Mar 1st 2010)

Women are made to be loved, not to be understood

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on May 25, 2012

Lucky for them, because no one understands the mess they created!

Sarah and Veronica both post the same message on facebook at the same time.

Veronica’s facebook page.

Sarah’s facebook page.


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Dream photo for 2010

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on August 7, 2011

“If I were to choose the picture of 2010, without a shadow of doubt on this point.
The magic of two looks that are isolated from the world, albeit in front of 500 people.
The lost in the eye for me is the greatest: there are no huts,
no kisses, no hugs that can overcome eye to eye, for me.”
– Valentina Pierotti 1 Jan 2011

– Found on Custodi facebook fanpage –

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From Romania with Love

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on August 4, 2011

Veronica is in Romania with her new BFF


The pictures below were posted on Veronica’s Official fanpage. I am guessing that they were stolen from her private fb profile. I noticed the other day that it was activated again. (Veronica closed it not long after she was busted writting lovey dovey messages to her boyfriend and he on her wall.) Funny thing is I notice today that it is gone again. LOL

So Veronica is not afraid to “live” this friendship for fear of what people may think.



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Whatcha talkin bout Nile?

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on August 3, 2011

Sarah on Tabloid 2nd August 2011

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sarah says she does not understand why the kiss on New Year’s has been so controversial, but it has. That she is free and has no ties / limitations. She says that both her & Veronica have strong personalities, that they fight and make peace, fight and make up … still friends with ups and downs. – Translation found on EquipoNileCiardi Latino fb fanpage.

Sorry Sarah, but I don’t believe you. I don’t think you are friends in any way shape or form.

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Nothing lasts 4Ever

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on June 25, 2011

Seems Mara and Alberto have called it quits. >>>read story here<<< I didn’t really care for them to be honest, but what I find interesting is this. This was posted on the custodi page. I don’t care what anyone says, NO-ONE!!! Not anyone thought that the relationship between Sarah and Veronica was just friendship. It sure as hell would not be compared to these other ‘couples’ if it was only friendship which people seen.

Posted at almost the same time on facebook was this. A video of Veronica’s time in the house, before, during and after Sarah. Its not a new video and you have probably seen it before. But again I think it definately shows that these two were never seen as only friends. I also think that for the most part everyone that liked and supported il sogno only wanted the best for them and we are all just really confused as to what happened. Everyones hearts are in the right place, we just don’t know what the right place is anymore?

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End of an Era

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on February 4, 2011

The Keepers of the Dream travelling with Sarah and Veronica is no more. Or should I say has had a name change. 😦

I said ages ago that the first girl to be (seen) in a relationship with someone (else) would mean the end of “il sogno”.

It didn’t matter that both girls said that they were only friends when they left the house. It didn’t matter they said “io sono non lesbica”. It didn’t matter Veronica said Sarah is “not my girlfriend” It didn’t matter that both were suspected of being back with their ex’s. It didn’t matter they were also suspected of being with other people. It didn’t matter that Sarah said “Veronica is not my girlfriend, she never has been” It didn’t matter that Veronica said “il sogno didn’t end that it never existed” It didn’t matter that important dates in the life of S&V went by without meaning (birthdays, first day they met, NewYear’s etc etc) And I’m sure there are many more examples, but my point is none of this mattered. Fans still believed. Believed in il sogno that lived inside GF. I honestly think that deep down in the hearts of many fans (hearts that beat again because of the love shown between these two girls) we all held out hope that Sarah and Veronica would work out their shit and be together. Now I speak for me and no doubt alot of other fans when I say that wanting them together had nothing to do with making my life better. It was never about that for me. It was about wanting for them what they seemed to both want for themselves and knowing that given the taboo nature of their relationship how hard it was going to be for them. Anyway none of this matters anymore. The hope is gone (for now anyway) because Sarah is in a new relationship. All good things must come to an end, but the journey and memories will never be forgotten.

Here is Valentina’s message regarding the name change. (Valentina is the founder of the keepers of the dream)
Note: google translate sometimes does not translate to well, but I’m sure you can make sense of her message

I promised you and here I am …
DREAM … the Custodians of the soul, ALWAYS! 

Day of reflection, a day of introspection, the day when I woke up knowing that I had to do something.
Read, think, speak, made clear to myself: one fixed point, never considered the idea of a. .. servant!

Delete the Dream (49 days in the house of the GF);
delete the following months, although many things happened around, between groups, were ugly, little worthy of meravija we all lived together; delete this group because you can not cancel something that belongs to many, which is a bit of life for many. Cancelation affection for Veronica and Sarah, either me or around me.

“Nothing is created, nothing is lost and everything is transformed” in recent months and we fell in love with these two girls, we were the synthesis of this sentence. Started with a flash inside a screen, at different times, we have gone from the cradle of the Dream (The Channel of Mari on the tube) where we have lived through the 24 hours in an intense and constant, the channel FB, where we began to meet, to discover and to know those smiles, those eyes, tears in the eye, without the filter of television. In my opinion, then the idea was born, the need for change, to give a new meaning and a sense that initial dream and I thought, the night of April 8 and 9 to the Guardians. I thought of the name of a group but also to its spirit, in what was to try to represent what we had experienced and what we lived. I thought all night to a name that meant something appropriate and suitable at the moment and chose what we all know.

Tonight I found myself in the same situation, to assess what to do at this point in my journey with them and the group, with the idea that the essence of those who were recent months, however, should remain there, in the name as is now in the soul of everyone. During the day I compared my traveling companions and closer with them and who is the creator of all this, we concluded that there is nothing to destroy the spirit of what binds us is beyond everything and everyone, that what we’ve got nobody can take it and nobody wants it removed.

Therefore, in the name of what was, what always will be, as everything he has touched some strings;
for something unique and unrepeatable, like all great things, that two girls who showed the world, with the simplicity, the naturalness of one who is overwhelmed, annihilated by something unexpected, but also of absorbing the extreme difficulty of a backward country, sanctimonious, puritanical and politically correct, which were projected at once;
for that ‘scream’ (cit)
for that to be themselves
for that sense of freedom that many of us have learned, found;
for those wings that have opened in so many thanks to that cry
Why does everything for me, today is contained in a beginning (the dream) and that he gave us and that we have acquired .. I thought

DREAM … the Custodians of the soul, ALWAYS!

A group in which to live for a bit of day with a smile, a tear, with a memory, a video, a photo with his life, comparing ourselves on everything, even about what will happen from now on, because it is always has been and always will be so without interference, unpretentious, as indeed the Guardian several months ago, via stupid, gullible to, with slices of ham in front agl’occhi, deceived, tricked and that everything has always responded with a smile or a silence or, in the knowledge that it did not need any confirmation, the chorus of approval because the soul is something that belongs to us and it is stressed, it is claimed, no screaming .. . is kept.

And do not believe that tomorrow who did not understand until now what is our spirit, I understand, no it will never happen.

I know and understand the bitterness, in some ways the pain of seeing some things, not to see others, to assist with almost disbelief, events, things that can not please because we do not recognize, I know, but do not understand so that this clouding your view, dirty with the “hindsight” everything, do not fall into the trap of making games that do not belong there and think that they are also unhealthy.

I know and understand but in life for all of us there is a time for everything, there are stages to have to go at times, because life is too, may have the freedom to make mistakes, get hurt, to hurt and to be able somehow to meet with my heart in a glance, a casual meeting or once a “grown up”. There is also the possibility that this never happens but I always thought that there is nothing worse in life for those who, having loved and having felt loved in return, says “you’ve never loved.”

What I saw, heard it on my skin remains and will remain forever even if you do not ever rincrociare that look. I was lucky enough to see over the character, you can make eye and the soul of Veronica and Sarah and I know that there was no truth, sincerity … I know. I do not feel cheated, I do not feel used at this time as so many others, am a little sad because I miss some things about a person, in particular, because I have those in her smile, her tears, another type of ” mask, “perhaps, more acceptable to me but this is my problem.

I am happy, because inside of me, right now there is clarity, there is integrity, there is a year of life lived always face the people, addressing things, without subterfuge never, never leaks, without going where the wind blows, where it is comfortable to stay, where it’s easy to stay, there is the awareness that for me, my silence sometimes is worth a thousand cries, even if that respect is lacking, is a owe it to themselves, that where there was love that’s true, what makes you short of breath ALWAYS will be, that sentencing should know everything and that the end always and only an opinion could be given.

The human being is a complex one, just one iota of a lifetime for us to miss some time, leading to a behavior that does not make sense for us, to reduce everything to just not mine, especially if you carry it in my heart.

With the hope of intact ricontrare quegl’occhi, that smile, those tears, knowing that from now on maybe I’ll never see more than what I’ve seen for months, knowing that what I “feel” is true, mine and no one has the right to tell me what you feel is right or not I will go on my way to. What if everyone tries in a hope, an awareness and confidence to go forward because I think it’s the only way to do it.

I loved and I love the people who cross their eyes with my family, of which I have seen the soul in my hands, I heard the words, I saw the looks, I collected tears still hot, which I have embraced the heart before the body, I shook hands trembled CJE, I can never love the characters I limietrò to observe its actions affect all of this without letting it never, never, never Stapper no way out of my soul that belongs to me and always will belong to me .
NO … this is my freedom, our!

DREAM … the Custodians of the soul, ALWAYS!

Thanks Veronica, baby!
Thanks Sarah, chick!

Thanks to those who there was, is and will be there!

Thank you keepers!

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Mi Piace

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on February 1, 2011


Veronica on Pom 5 – 1 Feb 2011 

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Friends no more :(

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on January 31, 2011

Sarah’s answer on whether she talks about Veronica in the diary: “Clearly there is a reference also to her, however I’m a bit suspicious to talk about this topic, because a few magazines have already made statements about this which I haven’t said. Anyway, yes, in the book there will also be a bit about her and our friendship, or perhaps I should say, that which once was our friendship. ”

Do you think Sarah means that they are no longer friends at all? (which is what I think) OR does Sarah mean that her and Veronica are no longer friends in the same sense as they were in the house? Meaning that now they are “just friends”

If you need and do not find me, find me in a dream.

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365 days ago today…

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on January 25, 2011

… is when IL SOGNO ended!

Sarah left the GF house one year ago today. It seems like only yesterday, but at the same time its seems like a lifetime ago. So much happens within a 24 hour period with these girls that its hard to remember it all. Through it all there has been some great moments and some not so great moments. It really has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Unfortunately I do not think Sarah and Veronica are even friends anymore. Which seems really fucked up. But thats life I guess? Anyway here is the beautiful moment in time, before reality struck.

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It’s her life!

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on January 17, 2011

Veronica’s Dream or Nightmare?

Edward Maya This is my Life Lyrics:
I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming out loud
I’m searching the missing part of my heart
Uuuuu uuuu uuuu, you catch me every time I fall
When I look into your eyes
I just know you tell me lies

This, this is my life I’m looking for you searching love in your eyes
This, this my life I’m chasing a dream that fades away in the night

Can you get to my soul,
I’ll make you lose the control,
I’ll be your sun in the night

Just come here inside
I’m playing with you
I’m falling for you
When I look into your eyes
I just know you tell me lies

This, this is my life I’m looking for you searching love in your eyes
This, this my life I’m chasing a dream that fades away in the night

I can’t follow dreams forever
Just to see them fall apart
We can change the world if we are together
Cuz I know I won’t let it go
When I look into your eyes
I just know you tell me lies

This, this is my life I’m looking for you searching love in your eyes
This, this my life I’m chasing a dream that fades away in the night

I start to miss your smile, your voice is all I hear
I’m chasing hollow eyes, show me I’m wrong tonight

This, this is my life I’m looking for you searching love in your eyes
This, this my life I’m chasing a dream that fades away in the night
Lyrics: This is my Life, Edward Maya [end]

 It’s a beautiful song, I’m just not sure I understand the meaning? But apparently it is crystal clear…  or is Pulcy being IRONIC?  What do you think?

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Stop Dreaming?

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on January 12, 2011

Veronica’s facebook messages. Now who is being ambiguous? What are you saying exactly? (Just for the record, I don’t think Sarah and Veronica are even friends. So you could say I have stopped dreaming.)

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Veronica’s last words for 2010

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on January 1, 2011

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Planes, Fans and ‘Sarah & Veronica’

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on December 7, 2010

Sarah and Veronica … THE GF that shakes HEARTS

Another plane flys for Sarah & Veronica. (I don’t think this one was organised by the same women that did the planes when Veronica was still in the house. It is of my opinion that that women was a fan of il sogno, but now only is a fan of Veronica.)

I found this video on facebook, so I’m going to assume Giaval organised the plane. Whomever did it is cheeky, the plane was flown over the GF11 house. Way to make them feel loved. LOL

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Vibrates the heart!!!

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on December 3, 2010

Online at the same time?? Giving the same message… Sarah’s One year aniversary in the GF house , which also happens to be the day these girls first met (when the dream began) is on Tuesday 7th Dec. Is it possible that this is what they refer too? But just got the dates wrong? Either way it shows that they must be friends and be in contact like they say, which does bring a smile to my heart 🙂

When I first read the status update by Veroncia I assumed it meant that she was perhaps going to be a guest in the GF11 house. Then I seen that Sarah had written the same message and figured it was about the first time they met. But since my first thought was Veronica going into the GF house I am not ruling it out. Maybe they will both be guests of the GF house on Monday. ???

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From the TOP

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on November 18, 2010

Veronica’s response to this weeks letter in TOP. (I don’t know what the letter said, but Veronica’s answer is of the main importance)

Carissima, non sai quanto mi abbia fatto piacere la tua lettera. Con l’esperienza di questi ultimi mesi ho capito quanto sia importante preservare i rapporti e i sentimenti, tenendoli lontani dalle chiacchiere della gente, che giudica senza conoscere. Il mio rapporto con Sarah è uno di questi ed è ormai da un po’ di tempo che evito di parlare di lei sui giornali, proprio per proteggerci. Un abbraccio


Dearest, you do not know how much I have enjoyed your letter. With the experience of the last few months I realized the importance of preserving relationships and feelings, keeping them away from the chatter of people who judge without knowing. My relationship with Sarah is one of them and is now a bit ‘of time that I avoid talking about her in newspapers, just to protect ourselves. A hug

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Happy Halloween

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on October 31, 2010


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Have times changed?

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on October 21, 2010

Posted 21Feb 2010 (youtube) with the following information.

Two women in love with each other at the end of the 19th century. The story is set in Sicily, Italy. More than a century later, during a 2010 reality show (the Italian version of the Big Brother) two other women fall in love with each other. The comparison stands to show a reality that has not changed much in Italy through all these years. In the 19th century story “Viola di Mare” (” Sea Purple”), Angela is physically “buried” beneath a trap door in an extreme attempt at “re-education.” In the Berlusconi owned Mediaset talk shows, Sarah and Veronica are “buried” by offensive comments and bigot applauses. In both cases, it’s a love that goes beyond and that can’t be “straighten”: thus Angela is put under lock and key, Sarah and Veronica are isolated by a glass. Today as yesterday, pretending something that is not appears to be the solution. In order to be accepted in a patriarchal and hypocritical Sicily, Angela must disguise herself as a man, and becomes “Angelo.”
Under the cameras of the reality show, Sarah has to face maschilist and discriminatory comments. A male name, “Pasquale,” is ready for her.

Oct 21 2010: The situation as of today is that Sarah and Veronica are keeping their “special friendship” out of the public eye because nobody undertands it.

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Veronica in VIP 13 Oct

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on October 13, 2010

A few days before the start of the new “Big Brother”, Ciardi Veronica tells us about his life … from now on!

Face to face with the former gieffina Veronica  Ciardi, that the next issue will be part of the VIP team, and every week, in fact, respond to letters from our readers, and will address a topic related to current.

Q: Veronica, tell us something about your role on this special envoy for Sunday 5. Like the coveted role of Eva Kant news and rummage in the homes of celebrities?

V: Absolutely! I must admit that during the first service was really excited, but slowly I loose I enjoyed it more and more. It will take a little time, however, before I can completely uninhibited.

Q: What “incursion” you have the most fun so far?

V: That’s home Ela Weber. Ela is a “great”. I enjoyed a world rummage through its “belly” and we laughed together. It ‘s a very self-deprecating woman.

Q: You recently started including in the cinema, with a part in ‘A cell for two’, directed by Nicola Barnaba, due out in April ..

V: Oh, it was a very small part, nothing more than a cameo! I’m in a restaurant with two other girls and actors, and Enzo Salvi Maurizio Battista, they offered me a drink.

Q: Small or big, it is still your debut in the film. How did you feel?

V: I would like very much to say that I have had this experience with all possible humility, knowing that in this area are a “nullity” and with the greatest respect for those who do the “sit” for acting. It takes a lot of study. That said … I had lots of fun! Enzo Salvi is nice, is exactly as it appears on the screen, and Maurizio Battista also is strong.

Q: Some time ago you said that if you knew it to work in the show just because you’re a former gieffina and not because it has a real talent, return to your work first. I really think?

V: Sure, no problem! I’m putting to the test, but if in a little while noticing that I’m not able, or I’m going to study hard or giving up everything.

Q: In light of your first experience in television and film, which of these two worlds attracts you the most?

V: For the moment I’m very happy in my role as Cinque sent to Sunday and I want to give up starting with this … then we’ll see!

Q: In a few days we will start the eleventh edition of Big Brother. Are you going to follow?

V: Actually, I’m realizing now. With the new GF at the gates I began to do a rethink my adventure and I am a bit of Mago (grief, unhappiness), I think of all the moments spent in the House.

Q: So, you want to return to the House?

V: Yes, I would love to, but I want to relive exactly “my” Big Brother, with my fellow adventurers. I never want to lock me up with other people, would be a nightmare!

Q: Are not you afraid that the new tenants can take your place in the affection of the public?

V: No. This is something that you put into account now, I’m not afraid. It ‘s normal that the focus shifts six new competitors, so it is right.

Q: Do you think this new edition will be able to compete with your GF10 in terms of success?

V: Absolutely. If you arrived at the eleventh edition of the GF is because people like the program. All the critics, no one ever admits to watch it, but then, who knows how it is, everyone knows what happens in the House. We live in a hypocritical country.

Q: What would you say to a newcomer who is about to fall in the House?

V: The hope to do the same route that I did. For me four months to GF have been a real therapy. I joined with many limitations, weaknesses, and I learned a lot. A million thoughts have exploded inside me and I’ve dealt with, they can not escape …

Q: The biggest success?

V: I retrieved the relationship with my father. I know what people think I needed this for the GF? The answer is yes, this happened to me.

Q: One of the things I’ve always said he has learned not to depend on men. You’re keeping the “point”?

V: Yes I am single and happy to be. I realize that after all that I have “combined” to Big Brother would be hard to believe, but there it is, I’m single! Since I left the house I have had no story, I have not met anyone who would make me heart beat.

Q: Recently, however, you have been fastened her relationship with a Chicco Nalli, the husband of the opinion of Men and Women Tina Cipollari. How did you react to this gossip?

V: With a big laugh! I grew up with Tina’s niece, the daughter of his sister, and you are at home. But I also feel sorry for them. I mean, I know it’s not true, Tina knows that is not true, but people do not know and can think of anything.

Q: Sarah Nile how are you? During a recent interview she has invited you to go and live with her in his new apartment in Milan, will accept?

V: By Sarah goes well, we have a peaceful relationship, after an initial period of misunderstanding, we have clarified. As to the intention to live with her, we say that newspapers have magnified his statements. She sent me to stay with you when you step in Milan, but living together is something else. Also, I live in Bologna and I never move to Milan.

Q: But you loggerheads with Marin. Yet after GF There were reconciled. What happened?

V: E ‘success that Mauro is a lunatic, as always. First never misses a chance to speak ill of me anytime, anywhere. Then, when we participated together as “godmother” to the casting for the new GF, I was offended because, obviously, I do not filavo (Did not Run To Him). Then, I heard on the phone a few days ago and, as usual, invited me to dinner.

Q: And you gonna go?

V: But is not it? (Laughs)

Q: Massimo Scattarella, that you had lost my mind, was recently engaged to Tina Saccoccio and declared that when thou hast met with her, you very jealous. It ‘s true?

V: Absolutely not! I’m happy for him.

Q: From the next issue will begin a new column for our paper mail. With that spirit to address this adventure?

V: I am very happy to speak with readers in a more profound and personal. It ‘a way for me to know and to prove myself. But at the same time, the responsibility to give advice I’m excited, in fact, that I own most of that advice I would need a tutor around the clock! Come on, I’m kidding … (Laughs)

Q: Yet, you are much loved by the public. What do you think people like you?

V: I do not know. Probably because they are always honest, always say what I think, for better or for worse (in fact I am also often criticized). I hate falsehood and hypocrisy above all else.

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Veronica on Radio International

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on September 17, 2010

Veronica on Radio International

PART 1 (0-4:10)

V: Oh I’m sorry, it’s my bad luck as usual

Z: But it’s not your bad luck, we did the rite here , they are all angry, we also have the raven, we called Otelma the magician for you, there was nothing to do

Q: The rain dance..

Z: So, we want things to go well today, and since Veronica doesn’t have so much time today, we’ll go with the jingle and then let’s start


Z: And we did a song for Veronica, because she is so nice to us and this is the end of this program, so zia Rita and DJ Nananana created this song together for her, because this girl deserves it, because she showed us that she loves us

Q: The title is “Grazie Vero”
SONG [‘Grazie Roma’ (Antonello Venditti) changed into ‘Grazie Vero’]

Z: So? Was it nice, did you like it? We made it for you, the dj and me.

V: But who thinks about these things, who is the mind?

Q: We are the mind, and also the staff, dj Nana, zia Rita, etc.

Z: No, zia Rita above all, tell the truth, stupid.

Z: Well, tons of mails are here for you.

Q: If we could weigh them ..

Z: I don’t know what their weight would be, but since people were longing for this live chat with you, I tell you that there are friends from Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, where.. England, from Texas .. In short, we want to tell something about what has been recently published in various magazines, you know I give you carte blanche [I give you free hand].

V: You say so.. Don’t give me carte blanche ever!

Q: Yes, we give it you.

Z: We like your being so ‘spont’.. spontaneous.

V: Oh mom, help me.. So, okay, where do I start from, what are the questions?

Z: There are 4502 questions, but there’s one in particular, we must read it because she has sent 80000 mails.. Who did you have lunch with today?

V: Oh, with angioletti sfigatini!

Z: It ‘s true, and say hello to them because today it’s their day.

V: It ‘s obvious that I greet them, and I also got another great big cigarette lighter, But I do not remember its name .. Yeah okay, this is a long story that they obviously understand, don’t think I’m crazy .. I mean, in effect, I don’t explain to you, but there’s a story behind.

Z: No, I know, there’s always a story behind what you say, you don’t throw things just to say.

V: Never.

Z: Zia Rita, I beg you like a Tibetan monk, please read this message: Veronica, can you adopt me? Or I’ll adopt you, it’s the same for me, just to see you..

V: I’ll adopt the Tibetan Monk, I need him

Z: ..and live emotions that are stronger than those behind a display, Valentina the ciardina sfigata.

PART 2 (4:10-12:15)

Z: An article was published in a very famous magazine, it caused an argument.. what happened in reality? Do you want to tell us, Vero?

V: You refer to Sarah, don’t you?

V: What happened .. it happened .. Sarah’s interview, in part distorted by the magazine, because that’s what she told me when I called her, and in part about things that she said, because obviously she has told some of those things, things that she thinks, things I know, things we say to each other and everything .. I’m tired, I say it here and I subscribe on magazines .. I’m tired. That ‘s what has ruined me, ruined her, ruined us, from the beginning .. I say it openly now, I won’t allow it anymore .. at least on this .. in the sense that, at first I thought this: I thought that I had to do it, I felt under obligation to all those people who had supported us, believed in us, understood us, etc. .. But then I came to a conclusion .. that I have no duties to anyone, I mean .. I became ill following what people said, I became ill paying attention to chat, because of such unfair malice from people who don’t know anything, who don’t know what has happened in recent months.. I do not know whether to say it or not, because if I say it a bomb will explode that you have no idea zia, so what should I do?

Z: Say it, you have to say it.

D: Now, you’ve almost thrown (the bomb).

V: Well, I can only say one thing, and this is the last time I will talk about it because we came to an agreement last time we talked on the phone .. oh well, we talked today as well, but we talked about it days ago .. we won’t speak of it anymore, because people make a lot out of it.. and here I am speaking to bad people who don’t know what the hell to do from morning to evening, and not to those who support us.. they will always have explanations, they went beyond [sono andate oltre] .. they understood, and they have never judged, and perhaps they never wanted to know if we were, we were not, we did, we did not, so I speak only to those people who are sick and they exist, and they are too many perhaps .. it’s a shame that they always hide behind a computer, because if I had them in front of me..

However I say that in these two months I suffered like a dog, people can’t imagine this, can’t expect it, because they only received silence from me, or interviews where I’ve gone crazy, I went crazy .. because after all I act this way, I am impulsive(6:31) .. and to be impulsive is little different from being inconsistent, because I got tired of people telling me: “You’re incoherent”, because I’m not inconsistent, it’s a matter of “go belly”, I leave my head in a corner and I follow emotions and feelings .. and if they are bad, I react telling bad things .. it’s a logical thing, I do like this .. I am this, I am Veronica .. if you saw me, you saw this, you didn’t see a rational person there, sitting at a table, talking about philosophy and laws of life .. no. I have always spoken with one thing, with my heart in my hands. I’ve always had this heart.

After leaving the house I was very bad, because me and Sarah didn’t meet immediately, ok? The newspapers distorted things a lot at the beginning .. it was not true that we loved each other at the beginning, that we met, it was not true at all, because at the beginning we never saw, we haven’t spoken for months, ok?(7:30) Perhaps the only time we talked was on 29, and that’s why I am thankful to the party, where I didn’t want to go, and I repeat, I repeat it because I’m not afraid of anything or anyone, and I tell the truth always and anyway, I don’t want to hide things, ok? So at first there were only misunderstandings, we could not see .. On one side I closed in myself, however, because it’s part of my nature, there were 1 and 2 and 3 things that I didn’t understand, and I just closed the door, I said stop, she’s not the person I expected to find outside. She, on her part, had reactions to me, maybe because she didn’t see the person I was inside, because I was still a bit too.. how can I say, I was a bit distraught, I was out (of mind), I didn’t understand anything, I didn’t know what was happening ..

Then this thing of magazines, that I didn’t like from the beginning .. this thing of the Sogno, which on one side gratified me, it opened my heart.. but on the other side it scared me, because it is something evil, because you can create something diabolical about this. I was called by clothing companies, by magazines, to speculate on this damn dream, and since then I closed in myself on principle, and I say it to all .. in my life I’ve never had any money, I could have lowered to compromise several times, you know how? I mean, in very easy ways, but I never did.. today I have some possibility of having some money in my pocket, for the time being at least, and do you think I could make compromise by selling .. il Sogno? But are we fools? Are we kidding?

(9:16)So I closed the door to the sogno, I closed the door to Sarah, I closed the doors to all, I shut myself in.. she didn’t look for me, ok? Because she had her reasons. I understood that on the 29th, she understood me on the 29th, that’s the truth. And in those months I suffered like a dog .. I cried every day, I suffered from panic attacks, I was sick, I even cried during broadcasts, saying that it was because of other idiots, whereas it wasn’t true, ok? So I got tired of people who talk too much without knowing anything .. punto. This is part of the truth, because then if I told things in detail, a bomb would actually explode. But I don’t tell them, because “there is”, it’s no use, my conscience is clean, I know who I am .. But I say, a hand on the conscience of all those people who speak there from their small chair in front of a computer.. a bit of common sense, good taste, at least to put the doubt, at least to put a question mark, I don’t say to be sure about that .. But I’m tired, what the hell .. Me always with horns, the others with halos, stop.. eh, the truth hurts, that’s the problem zia ..

Z: Brava, the truth hurts.. one second Veronica, come round because it’s happening all sort of things, the truth hurts.

D: Veronica, you’re angry these days, but we from radio international love you
SONG (‘Nessuno mi può giudicare’, Caterina Caselli)

PART 3 (12:15-18:20)

Z: Emblematic .. we have chosen well, the truth hurts us, I know, but the truth leads us to say right things, to say what we feel in our heart, Veronica opened to us .. and we thank her for this

V: No, oh well

Z: .. because I think this arrived to all friends who believe in you, who have sent emails from all over the world, because Radio International has become international recently thanks to you .. Veronica’s International Radio

V: Thanks

Z: I’ll read something that Valentina sent me, because it’s important for her: They’ll always criticize you, speak badly of you, it’ll be hard to meet someone who will like you as you are, so live, do what your heart tells you to do.. “Life is like a play that does not allow testing. So sing, cry, dance, laugh and live intensely every day of your life, before the curtain closes and the piece ends with no applause” .. it’ s a Charlie Chaplin’s quote that Valentina wants to dedicate to you

V: I know, I have also a picture at home .. and believe me, I started to do .. I’m sorry I did the stairs, 4 floors, I’m too old, oh well .. however, I started to do, believe me when I say that I do not care anything of people who criticize me and who don’t.. I really think, my strength is those who love me, and I only get angry when people must speak without knowing .. I swear, “I’d give the heads against the wall for it”, because .. or they do it on purpose, or they do it on purpose because people don’t know what the hell to do all day and they like to make mischief, to say sentences, say words, but I really wonder how is it possible? Or there’s a band of crazy people, who decided to write, all together .. now I start to use swearwords.. never mind .. However I started to do so, thanks Valentina .. Valentina who?

Z: Valentina .. Caperna, maybe?

V: No, Caperna is Alessandra who sent me just a moment ago, in fact I thank her …

Z: I don’t know her surname, she is from Custodi

V: Pierotti

Z: Brava, Pierotti

V: My Pierotti, hi Vale

Z: Oh, yes, she is

Z: Hello Vero, I spent a wonderful summer with you and the ciardini, and thanks to this adventure I met many friends, and I thank you very much for this, if you could accept my friendship on facebook .. Ok well here is an open world, on fb they write all sort of things .. never mind .. But can I tell you my opinion, as a friend, even if only by phone ..When GF started nothing similar had ever happened, we’ve said many times, a mediatic boom for you, for Sarah, for il sogno .. All these things were so amplified only by magazines, only by the media, or there was someone else who took advantage?

V: No, no no .. it was different, the phenomenon was much more important, and that should make us think, I’ve already said this, much more .. I mean that magazines have eaten on it [made a profit], ok? It’s different, magazines didn’t start with A, ok? They wanted to take advantage of it, and then make other people and other systems trade on it. Things are different, because our phenomenon was a scream, such a cry from so many people, at least I want to see it this way, I like to think so .. maybe someone is saying, Veronica what the hell are you talking about, but for me it was the muffled scream of so many people, so many women, who up until now were walking in the street and maybe they were talking and screaming, shouting, making smoke signs, but no one saw this, because you don’t want to see, because in Italy you can’t see, because Italy is a country, I’ve said a thousand times, where you can’t say things, okay?

So, I think it was this, and such a thing makes me proud, makes me feel inside as a lion, a bear in a cage and tears it to escape, do you understand? Because it’s a very important thing, I mean that everyone must live as he thinks it’s right, and how he feels he wants to live his life .. man, woman or animal, love has no gender .. So I think it was something bigger .. then from here magazines and many other things wanted to trade on it, but that’s obvious .. here everything is a compromise, everything sucks, because everything turns around [refers to] television, everything turns around the newspapers, but always because we are in Italy … that is, elsewhere it’s different.. in another country if we had done what we did, we had experienced what we experienced it wouldn’t have been a scandal, a positive nor negative one, it would have been normal .. but basically it is normal. If she makes me feel good, if I make her feel good, we have to live us as we want .. it seems absurd to me that we’re still at this point ..

Z: So basically this is the announcement: From now on, neither Sarah nor Veronica will give interviews to magazines bislacchi, but they will live privately, as far as possible, their friendship, their being friends, we can say this? There will be no interviews of any kind on any week magazine?

V: But from this point of view, I always just answered, eh, because as far as I’m concerned .. I drove journalists and magazines mad..

Z: that’s right

PART 4 (18:20-29:20)

Z: Listen, here they write from Nicaragua, Claudia Marcela: Vero have you ever thought about how many thousands of foreign people have learned Italian thanks to you, after watching so many videos, interviews and Bislacco5 .. Bislacco5 did some good in the end .. do you realize how many of us use your phrases in our everyday vocabulary, such as “lo giuro su mio fratello’”, “figa da paura Sa’ “, “t’aregge” , with an American, Spanish accent

V: I wanted to say .. that is not Italian, if you followed what I said it’s not Italian

Z: You always pretend so.. while you speak really well, you express yourself very well, you also read several books in my opinion, so your false ignorance is just a way to pretend, can I tell? This is the only thing that you pretend, because Veronica is a very intelligent girl, who studies a lot.

V: Thanks

Z: Many are asking, what about a movie? For us you’re the new Anna Magnani, because you’re so spontaneous

V: I can say one thing .. thanks, Anna Magnani is a myth for me, this is not my way. Today I did a small thing, but it’s something silly, I was there and I was ashamed as a thief [terribly ashamed], because I have a certain humility, I know where I come from, I don’t come from an acting course, so I was a bit embarrassed, but it was a good experience, but that will not be my way.

Z: Many ask: Have you decided what to do? Will you appear in tv? Cinema? Acting school? What about Veronica’s future, since in a while new GF11 will start and there will be other stories

V: At the moment there is a tv show, this is what I was offered .. for the moment it’s fine with me, then I repeat, as long as it lasts .. in effect, when it ends I’ll return to my previous life. I’m moving even privately to open the famous nursery school

Z: So cute .. see this girl, except that she hasn’t considered us all summer long

V: Do not say so .. I’ve lost 10 Kg, I was in hospital, I don’t want to say what I had because it’s better I don’t say, I felt terrible .. At the end of summer it was no longer me

Z: But you told lies to zia Rita, because how many times did zia Rita tell you: Look it’s really a strenuous job, and you: What are you saying, this is not a job. It ‘a job, because when you’re stressed, you take 40 planes, interviews and discos it’s stressful. Sure you made some money, but definitely you need a break..

V: That’s true, now I can say is true. But if I compare this to those who get up at 6 am and go to work for 9 hours, even more, to earn half of one night that I do, I shouldn’t say these things, I put a hand on my heart [my conscience] and bear the stress and move on

Z: Carpe diem, certainly you put aside some money, and if one day I’ll have a child ..

[Joking about zia Rita]
(22:36) [During the summer Veronica knew the DJ. They want to orgnanize a better meeting with zia Rita next summer]

Z: You know that I’ll come to Rome, because of great Renato in concert[Renato Zero]

V: But you know I’m going .. I am going to Renato Zero, of course, then Vasco, and even Lady Gaga

Z: Lady Gaga is a myth, we don’t like her very much but

[Zia Rita wants to dedicate a song by Vasco Rossi to Veronica and suggests “Sally”]

(23:45) V: Beautiful, yes, I like it, but necessarily Vasco? Otherwise I’d like..

Z: Which one my dear, tell me

V: But don’t play it now, I tell it to you and then play it

Z: Tell me in private

[Meanwhile DJ talks. They speak of the song, they seek in the archives, they try to understand. ]

(25:38) Z: To whom do you want to dedicate this song, Vero?

V: To all

Z: To all your fans? Listen but it’s don’t you feel strange with all these people listening from Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, England .. What do you think about it?

V: It ‘s absurd, it’s more and more absurd .. because I’m more and more conscious of it, then it becomes more absurd, but more beautiful

Z: It is very beautiful. However, perhaps the advice from zia Rita arrived, I mean henceforth you’ll live for you, you live your life as a girl of 24 years, because you deserve it, because you have shown in recent months what a clever person you are, with your feet on the ground, a person who is de core e de panza, but who is basically good. Many of us understood it

V: Thank goodness, thank you
Song [“Il mondo insieme a te”, 883]

PART 5 (29:20-34:50)

Z: Well, a text that says a lot, dear Veronica, a beautiful choice, congratulations. Who would you dedicate this song to?

V: Well, it’s dedicated to, consider that when I listen to it in the car I think “Come è bello il mondo insieme a Voi” [‘you’ plural]

Z: A thing without which you could never live in this world?

V: Ok, without my brother .. a person, my brother

Z: Do you swear on your brother?

V: I swear

Z: What things make you happier in your life, except your brother?

V: Well, look, I think .. very small things, small small small .. I’m always there, heart, emotions, as usual , nothing else .. I live with them.

Z: How do you drink coffee in the morning?

V: Apart from the fact that I don’t drink only one, I drink about 40 coffees daily, but drink it with cane sugar

Z: Brava, as me too. This was from Katherine [?], who writes: I ask this because you wronte on fb that you’re looking for a girlfriend or a wife, so I prepare myself. You are fantastic. Many kisses from London. She writes from London.

V: We like this thing

Z: Isn’t she lovely?

V: So tomorrow I will be in London.. no I’m joking

Z: How do you see your next love? Your present love also, in effect, I mean what is absolutely necessary to conquer Ciardi Veronica?

V: Right.. brain stimulation [stimulus for one’s mind], first of all. I mean I really changed .. I realize that really, I’ve definitely changed in recent months, from there [GF], going on with Sarah etc., I mean that my brain needs to be stimulated, I need that stimulus/motivation, I don’t know .. the fact that one can talk, discuss, find a person who may have the desire to travel, to know, to see the world .. this is what I have inside me. Although maybe it will take time, I don’t say that I’ll do tomorrow, okay? But I want a person on my own line [on the same wavelength] .. I mean this

Z: Someone asks you to say Hola, Veronica will say Hola in Spanish thanks to zia Rita .. Hola amiga

V: Hola pequeni

Z: See, this girl can speak Spanish too as well. But in Sardinian, apart from ‘ aio’ you don’t know anything else?
[Aunt Rita teaches a new word in Sardinian, something like ‘Millo mi,’ that means ‘Here it is’]
(32:26)Z: will go to Bislacco this year?

V: Yes

Z: Beware Barbara is even more , eh? But what will be her bislacchi subjects, she has already talked about all of them

V: No, okay,there I wasnt’ there with my mind, I repeat it .. wait a minute, now Veronica is back, I won’t let anyone disrespect me .. now I’m speaking in general, not only Bislacco

Z: When you are there you disconnect your brain, you park it in the dressing room and enter the scene, that’s how it works

V: They’ll call porn stars, dogs, cats, trees that say things

Z: But what happened to that lady there?

V: Do you know, similar things happened to me
[Vero talks about a similar girl who stopped her one day and wanted to do some photos with a director, probably a hard movies director. Vero says that now she is accustomed to this kind of absurd things. According to zia Rita Vero is a bit un lucky]

Z: Today we talk about bad luck, superstition, are you superstitious Veronica?

V: I was perhaps before, because now, having approached very, very much to my belief, that is not a faith .. it’s my belief, it goes a bit against superstition

PART 6 (34:50-the end)

Z: (reading questions) you are do coglio coglio, carrot .. carrot? Or potato ..?

V: zia, you must keep up to date

Z: Ask if you are do coglio coglio, patata o zucchina

V: Well we can say this, I want to say that I‘m do coglio coglio in general, but We like more pasta and potatoes

Z: Chi vuole capire capisca [Who wants to understand understand]

Z: Can we make the official announcement? Veronica and me are girlfriends
[Jokes about this, scoops online magazines about Veronica and Aunt Rita]

Z: From Colombia: Vero hello my name is Patricia and I live in Colombia, I don’t want to ask you any questions, I just want to tell you that you’re a beautiful and wonderful person, from the other side of the world I send you all my love, every day of your life be happy .. share, laugh, play, dare, feel, dream, and never stop dreaming. The only thing I’d like to have is a greeting for me and all your admirers in Colombia .. Patricia

V: Of course I do, but from my huge huge heart thanks thanks thanks

Z: My heart is full of good feelings, like Marie Antoinette used to [a person from GF1], is your heart full of good feelings?

V: Yes

Z: Because now Veronica has resumed the control of her life, and will not give ground to all crap on fb, in magazines, only ziat Rita tells the truth [Aunt Rita wants to make an “indecent proposal”: she offers to Vero a small weekly radio program, in which Veronica will answer a question in about three minutes, perhaps on Friday. Veronica likes it](38:33)

V: I would love to. Also because really, I think that the radio is a means of communication, perhaps the only one, fair and someway noble, in the midst of all this crap. When I talk on the radio I don’t have to worry about anything and I always say what I think
[Joking about Veronica’s jingle for the radio. Zia Rita had done onefor George and Carmela too. Veronica says it sucks, hers is more beautiful. They invite her for next summer, try to organize a meeting. Zia Rita wanted her best friends to meet Veronica this summer].

Z: It means that it was really important for me. They were all extreamely pleased. During the journey they all said: You see what an easy-going girl, I think she is a girl like us (41:16)

Z: You were the first guest of the ‘by night’ [the program]. I am very happy to have known you, even though only by phone. Remain what you are Veronica, please .. do not listen to all the crap that you will hear, and you’ll hear much more ..

V: Sure

Z: Forget .. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, a stereotyped phrase, but I strongly believe in these “skin sensations” with people, I’ve almost never made mistakes, have I dj alpha alpha? (41:59)

D: You are real, pure and sincere

Z: Thank you, but you were telling me or Veronica?

D: Both

Z: We are self-celebrating
[Aunt Rita, for being funny, reads some horrible emails, asking about Veronica and Max, or Veronica and Mauro. For example, somebody accuses her that during GF she threw Mauro’s medicine, she denies of course] (43:45)

Z: (reading email) The diva [star] greets you and adores you, Angelica writes

V: Hello Diva
[Veronica jokes about making a film with Diva, in which Veronica would do a bit part and Diva the leading role. Again zia Rita talks about cinema, she would see Vero as Anna Magnani. There are actors who are not able to act, for example, in some fiction, such as ‘Carabinieri’, or ‘pride and respect’] (44:36)

Z: Here (in this fiction) there’s Gabriel Garko, that figo [beautiful]. Who do you choose between Raul Bova and Gabriel Garko?

V: Raul Bova at the time of “Piccolo grande amore” which was my favorite movie when I was 14. But honestly Gabriel Garko, but I tell you frankly, the I’ve never liked ‘Belloni’ [objectively beautiful men, usually a not interesting bauty], I don’t know why

Z: I see, then?

V: Can I say something, who I like? I always liked Ricky Memphis

Z: Bello, ‘Distretto di polizia’ [a fiction], looking rough, a Romano de Roma, bono [beautiful]

V: I’ve never liked those belloni so much

Z: I am Vero, the girl from Spain, Valencia, are the girl of the bracelet, do you remember?
[Aunt Rita talks about the bracelet that gave to Vero. Vero doesn’t remember what happened to it. The offer many things, like, has a drawer on purpose, but if she put everything she would look like Mary Magdalene full of trinkets. Next time, zia Rita will give her a rosary. Veronica has a small shrine at home with all these things. ][(46:40) They talk about the idea of the radio programme with Veronica. She could say what she thinks about serious subjects as well, no politics](47:28)

V: Thanks you gave me for the umpteenth time a chance to relieve my feelings and say what I think

Z: No, you sayd it and you did right. I hope and think that all friends have finally understood
[Zia Rita reads something from facebook, people who thank Veronica]

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Gay or Straight?

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on September 15, 2010

Which is the gay couple? Which is the straight couple?

 I just want to make one thing clear. I believe S&V when they say they are not a couple.
This is not about proving they are a couple. This is to show that their straight love looks alot like lesbian love.
So don’t pretend to be shocked when fans have thought there was ever more to your relationship than just friendship!

What I do not understand. If there is a strong majority of people in Italy who only see friendship, then I do not understand why Italy is considered to be a very homophobic country. (Again I am not saying it isn’t, but let me paint this picture for you) On one side of the street you have two friends, on the other two girlfriends. Both are walking holding hands. Both are smiling, both happy. The hand holding moves to arms around the waist, one pulls the other into a kiss and then a hug. Then they continue walking down the street holding hands. Now if you are a person who is homophobic which couple do you insult? For all intensive purposes both couples could be friends or both could be girlfriends. How do you determine the difference?

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Veronica @ Mumm

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on September 12, 2010

Mumm Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Organised by Luca Casadei Management. Special guest included Hugh Grant as well as Veronica Ciardi!

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Boys on the Side

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on September 10, 2010

Boys on the Side

“I know what Sarah means with I love you. And I also know the meaning of our kisses. We are friends and we love as friends.” – Veronica Ciardi (Visto 8.9.10)

I really hope that this statement from Veronica is true and that her and Sarah are speaking the same language.  I don’t personally understand it, but as long as they do then that is all that matters. To the guy that ends up in a relationship with either one of them, I hope you don’t mind sharing your girlfriend. 

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Waiting for Veronica

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on September 7, 2010

…Is this how it ENDS? or is it just the BEGINING?

It has been almost 2 weeks since Sarah declared that she is “In love with Veronica” and one week tomorrow since announcing that she has a house for them to live in and that she wants to begin a life with Veronica as a normal couple.

STILL NOTHING FROM VERONICA. Another Visto comes out in two days time and it is expected to have Veronica’s story.

I for the life of me cannot understand why Sarah would say this in a magazine to begin with. It does kind of give the impression that she likes the attention and surely Veronica and her have already talked about this, why continue to do it in the media. Perhaps I’m just being pessimistic. Maybe its a positive answer. Maybe all that talk about the patata from Veronica does have meaning? Maybe all the facebook messages were a deliberate ploy to keep the truth under wraps so they can control the public outing, so to speak.

However I just don’t see it happening. Veronica may have the same feelings as Sarah, but she is never going to admit it. Not after declaring for months that she is not a lesbian or bi-sexual. Sarah hasn’t said this herself either mind you, but saying you are in love with another women is pretty telling. Plus in another interview she said she was in love, but it could be a man or a women. Gives the impression the she is bi-sexual? Does it not?

What I do see happening is Veronica saying it is only friendship love. Putting Sarah once again in the firing line of people that say she is using Veronica to stay in the spotlight. You know what though? Just because Veronica isn’t in love doesn’t mean Sarah isn’t! Why would she lie about it? I mean if she is with her ex (like people say), it would be a mean thing to do to him, saying that she in love with someone else and that Veronica is the only one in her heart.

Enough with the guesses already, hurry up Veronica with your answer. Please 🙂

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Only seen 10%

Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on September 2, 2010

Has Veronica done her interview?

I went onto Facebook this morning and there was a post about the “Unlike Straight” documentary that is being made. I go to the link, translate the text in google and within the story (full story click here) is this paragraph;

“We did a simple account: 24 hours a day, seven days is 168 hours. An average viewer who followed the episode of Monday afternoon and various strips broadcast on Channel 5 saw “only” 10 hours per week. As if to say, even 10% of what happened inside the House.”

Didn’t Veronica say almost the exact same thing to someone in the audience at her Expo in Ischia on 17th August? Could this be purely coincidental? Maybe, but I think it might actually mean that Veronica has now done an interview for the documentary. Sarah has done one, but it was not known if Veronica would do one. Don’t quote me obviously… LOL, I could be wrong.

the set of Unlike Hetero

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Posted by Brooke Dyan Fraser on August 21, 2010

If Sarah is being fake, then Veronica is too!

Yes, Sarah has always been ambiguous with her answers to questions about Veronica since leaving the GF house. Left a little doubt here and there, but she never once actually mentioned Veronica. Not really. For all we know her answers/posts/comments could be of been about anyone and any situation in her life. That was up until the Festa del Sogno. After this night and the week that followed up till her last serata Sarah left no room for doubt as to whom she was talking about or referring too.

But Sarah is no longer the only one.

You know what my first thoughts of the Festa party were? That it was bullshit. However I only thought that about Veronica. Not Sarah. I thought this firstly because of what Veronica was wearing and then secondly because of her comment “I’m the man tonight” (Veronica always dresses up and even when she is dressed down she still dressed up. ie Her short jean shorts with high heels) From this I  instantly felt that this is fake. Maybe not fake, but more her joking around doesn’t have any realness behind it. Its exactly that. Just jokes! I thought Veronica knows her audience and is just playing up to it. Veronica totally dominated the night. She talked non stop, she brought up the whole “patata, cojo cojo, zuchinni” topic, she mentioned things that happened in the house that had never been heard before, and she initiated some of the contact that took place between Sarah and her that night. Obviously this is just my opinion, but when the girls were watching the videos on the bridge I again thought something different to the majority. Veronica looked just as uncomfortable watching the videos at festa as she did on Mattino 5. And while everyone again saw Sarah as the strong one holding Veronica, I think Sarah held onto Veronica to support herself. Her heart seemed to be racing and she was taking the deepest breathes. Maybe Sarah was uncomfortable too. But I think for different reasons. Veronica’s seemed more angry based discomfort, while Sarah’s seemed more like happy nerves.

So there it is. I did not see the Veronica that is on the verge of coming out. I in turn seen a girl whom is now so comfortable in her heterosexuality that she can joke about it. Which in my opinion means Veronica owes  Sarah one huge fucking apology since she basically told Sarah it was not right to joke about it when alot of their fans are stuggling in their own sexual identity.

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